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pergolas, arbors and trellises


A pergola can add a focal point of architecture and shade to any outdoor area without completely blocking the sun. If you have a concrete or brick patio, pergolas are great for accenting those outdoor spaces while transforming them into something enviable.


Over the years, Backyard Images Inc. has made building custom pergolas one of our specialty services. We take great pride in designing and building a pergola to help accent your home.


Our pergola standards include: 6 x 6 support posts; concrete installation (per building codes); half inch galvanized carriage bolts through posts and beams; routered, decorative edges on all end cuts; structural drawings for permit process.


Adding a beautiful, custom arbor to your backyard provides next-level charm to your property. Backyard Images Inc. takes great pride in the construction and quality of our custom arbors. We work with you to make sure you’re getting a premium, dramatic structure that fits your needs and looks better than you imagined.


For a truly relaxing experience, comfortable seating options such as bench swings and standard benches can be added to your arbor.


Our arbor standards include: Solid 4 x 4 posts; heavy-duty lattice (per model); routered, decorative edges on all beams and joists; and in concrete installation on all supporting posts.


A trellis is a versatile and functional addition to any backyard, providing both practical benefits and aesthetic appeal. 


Support Climbing Plants: These structures can provide a framework for climbing plants like vines and clematis. 


Create Privacy: With or without plants, a trellis can create a privacy screen that blocks unwanted views and noise. 


Add Visual Interest: Choose from a variety of designs and materials that match your style and add beauty to your outdoor space. 


Define Spaces: You can use an attractive trellis to section off different areas.

Our Trellises feature concrete installation; heavy-duty lattice; routered, decorative edges; and durable construction.